1. For regular reservation over the hotel booking system, the guests shall agree to pay for the total amount of rooms reserved in order to preserve the right and price of the room booked.

2. If you make payment on the website with a credit card, the payment will immediately be deducted from the credit card number you have provided.

3. To protect the security of your credit card transaction, the website requires the person reserving rooms online must be the same as the person checking in, while providing the same identification document during check-in.

4. If you need to change the date of reservation after confirmation through online booking, please cancel directly online and re-book. The website does not accept manual services or online change of date.

5. If you need to cancel the room after confirmation of online booking, please cancel directly online to cancel. The website does not accept manual services.

6. Prices online include tax and service charge.

7. Hotel check-in time is 3:00pma and check-out time is 12:00pm.

8. In case of encountering factors of force majeure on the date of reservation, i.e. the traffic interruption due to earthquake or the typhoon warning issued by the Central Weather Bureau, please contact with the reservation center in 3 days from the date o reservation (including the date of reservation).

9. After having reserved with room with success, the screen will skip to the page of successful reservation. If not, please visit the hotel website → Online Booking → Member and Order Information to check the reservation status. If you have received the reservation order, please contact with the hotel.

10. Instructions for Room Cancellation:

     ★ Guests shall pay for 100% of deposit for room cancellation on the date of reservation.

     ★ Guests shall pay for 30% of deposit for room cancellation in 1~2 days before the date of reservation.

     ★ Guests shall pay for 0% of deposit for room cancellation in 3 days before (inclusive) the date of reservation.

        Any change to the ratio regulated by above laws and regulations is subject to the compliance with the Standard Contract Law promulgated by the Tourism Bureau. Please visit the website below for more information:。

11. Room cancellation steps:

Select online booking on the hotel website.

Select member and order details from the booking menu.

Enter account number and password on the order record query page.

Select the query button on the order list page.

Select the room cancellation on the bottom of the order detail page.

Confirm to cancel the room.

Rights and obligations

Pets are prohibited in the room.

Buffet breakfast/one morning newspaper/free fiber optic broadband internet available

Please call the hotel to inform the need for parking. In case the hotel parking is full and guests need to park, the hotel will pay for the parking fees.

In response to the Tobacco Control Act promulgated by the government, the smoking is prohibited in the hotel (smoking prohibited inside the room) starting from January 11, 2009.

Reservation hotel: 27089000 Ext. 886

Business contact: 27089000 Ext. 883 

Room Introduction

1. Standard Room  2. Double Room with two beds  3. Double Room with one big bed  4. Business Suite with one big bed    5. Galerie Room (Family Room)

6. Business Triple Room  

Hotel Facilities

Business Center

Site: 1st Floor

VIP Business Center offers comfortable sofa and light music, providing freshly grinded coffee and hot tea for business guest as well as magazines and journals available for guests to spend casual and quite space and time. It is also the best place for meeting with customers and discussing business.

Business Hours: PM15:00~23:00 

Conference Room

Small conference room equipped with functions for capacity of 6 people.

Please reserve from the counter during business hours.

Information Center

Next to the hotel lobby with sufficient lighting and supply of wireless internet, free desktop computer and multi-purpose printer are available to provide you with comfortable and private space for internet browsing.

2F Restaurant

Providing a variety of nutritious and healthy Chinese and Western buffet breakfast daily.

Business Hours:

Weekdays AM7:00~10:00

Weekends AM7:00~10:30 

Rooftop Facilities

The rooftop offers a fitness room, SPA and sauna, as well as coined self-service wash machine and dryer for long-term stay guests.